November 14, 2013

redside-2Lane United FC supporters may have heard recently that there has been a shift in the nomenclature surrounding the team: the fan club has been re-named the Lane United Supporters’ Trust while the Lane United FC franchise, name and marks have been turned over to Redside Sports, LLC. The focus here is not on what this means for the club—all that was recently covered in a letter to members, and isn’t especially interesting—but on where the name Redside came from.

Avid fishermen will already be familiar with the answer: the McKenzie redside is a subspecies of rainbow trout native to Lane County, specifically the upper reaches of the McKenzie River. It is named for the especially prominent red streak that runs down both of its sides. Despite an influx of hatchery-farmed rainbow trout that are frequently restocked in lower stretches of the McKenzie, studies have found at least five populations of genetically pure redsides existing north of the Blue River confluence. McKenzie redsides are highly valued by fly fishermen for their athletic, combative nature, providing the one of the hardest fights pound for pound of any trout species.

Redside is additionally the name of a wave on the McKenzie just north of Blue River that is capable of flipping boats in low water in the late summer months. Lane United is pleased to associate part of our name with this proud, fierce, entirely local natural phenomenon.

This article is a follow-up to our recent piece on the official Lane United FC tree, the dawn redwood. Have more ideas for Lane County-related symbolism incorporating the color red? Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us.

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