1 Reading United AC
Week 2: W, 5-2 @LVU
Week 3: --

2019: Lost PDL Championship
A strong start to the season with a dominant performance on the road in Lehigh. Scoring twice in the opening minutes, Reading rallied behind three goals in the second half to cement their spot at the top of the Eastern rankings.
2 FA Euro New York
Week 2: W, 2-0 @EVE
Week 3: CSR, OCN

2019: 5th in Mid Atlantic
Another road win for a top of the East side. FA Euro were also able to spring multiple goals on the home team in the second half to grab the three points and hold onto the clean sheet.
3 Lionsbridge FC
Week 2: W, 1-0 @NCFC
Week 3: @VBU, @TRFC

2019: 3rd in South Atlantic
Lionsbridge FC traveled to stiff competition in North Carolina FC U23s but came out on top in a 1-0 win. After being projected to be one of the top teams in the South Atlantic, this was an ideal start on the road.
4 Long Island Rough Riders
Week 2: W, 2-0 CSR
Week 3: LVU

2019: 3rd in Mid Atlantic
The Rough Riders are going to have to battle in the tough Mid Atlantic Division, but a 2-0 victory against Cedar Stars Rush was a strong statement to the rest of its competitors.
5 Boston Bolts
Week 2: T, 1-1 @WCF
Week 3: GPS

2019: 4th in Northeast
The Bolts were likely disappointed with an opening draw at home to the Westchester Flames, but there’s still the expectation this side will hit its stride sooner rather than later in the Northeast Division.