1 Des Moines Menace
Week 10: T, 0-0 @GBV
Week 11: TBC, TBC

Last Week: 1
The Menace has only conceded FOUR goals all season and has only dropped points on three occasions this season on their hunt for the playoffs. They clinched their postseason bid on Independence Day as they took the 0-0 draw with Green Bay to put them out of reach.
2 Chicago FC United
Week 10: W, 3-0 @WVA, T, 1-1 CIN
Week 11: --

Last Week: 2
They can sit back and relax mentally with a full week off before the playoffs. They ended their season over the weekend on 25 points and despite being in a competitive division they cannot be caught be anyone behind them. The 1-1 draw over the weekend with Cincinnati made sure of it with a two-point buffer above the highest possible points of any team with games left.
3 Cincinnati Dutch Lions
Week 10: T, 1-1 @CHI
Week 11: @WVA
Last Week: 4
They will take the point against Chicago but with a wildcard spot up for grabs and Flint hot on their heels Cincinnati really needs the Bucks to slip up. Even if the Dutch Lions win their final game, Flint City can still pass them in their last two.
4 Flint City Bucks
Week 10: W, 5-0 WVA
Week 11: @DDL, DDL
Last Week: 5
The Bucks have two games left and sit just one point behind Cincinnati and play Dayton twice to close out their season. But they still can control their own fate as they can reach 23 points with two wins putting them clear of Cincinnati and into the wildcard spot.
5 Thunder Bay Chill
Week 10: W, 2-1 STL, W, 1-0 KAW
Week 11: @DMM, @DMM

Last Week: Not Ranked
Similarly to Flint City, Thunder Bay has some spare games in hand to control their push for the playoffs with the big game against Kaw Valley already behind them and only a two-point difference to make up in their final three games it looks like the wildcard for the heartland division is the Chill’s to lose.