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Lane United Partners with Fit for 90

February 19, 2016

Lane United FC is excited to announce that we are partnering with Fit for 90 for the 2016 season. Fit for 90 is a highly researched player monitoring system that aims at recognizing and preventing injuries before they become serious. The system tracks and identifies signs of stress, fatigue, and under-recovery among players and notifies the medical and coaching staff to ensure that each player’s recovery time is optimally calculated for their specific needs.

The health and safety of our players is one of Lane United’s highest priorities and we are eager to begin implementing this new system in the 2016 season. With the Fit for 90 system, players log their daily fitness levels by completing a short readiness questionnaire. This 2-3 minute survey evaluates their health status by having players record their sleep patterns, stress levels, fatigue, mood, and other factors. The system runs these responses through a readiness score algorithm that will indicate each player’s risk of injury.

Fit for 90 Founder and CEO, Dr. John Cone.

Fit for 90 Founder and CEO, Dr. John Cone.

Fit for 90 was founded by Dr. John Cone, a Sports Science Consultant for the USSF who has a wide range of experience coaching and playing soccer at the professional and college levels. When asked about the new partnership with Lane United, Cone said, “We are extremely excited to be delivering player monitoring to Lane United for the coming season. We have had great successes with the US Women’s National Team, some MLS and NCAA college programs. We are thrilled to be adding a quality PDL club to our growing list of clients.”

When asked about this new system, Head Coach John Galas said, “We are thrilled to partner with Fit For 90 for the upcoming season. Dr John Cone and his staff are on the cutting edge of player monitoring and periodization. Their program will offer our medical staff, coaches, and players vital information on how to best manage a very competitive and demanding season.” With this new software Lane United will be able to strengthen our commitment to providing our players with top-quality training while providing our fans with unforgettable game-day experiences.

For more information on Fit for 90 visit their website.

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