Firemed Football Challenge is Back!

May 10, 2016

This Friday, Lane United will host the second-annual Firemed Football Challenge during our first home game of the season! To participate, fans can visit this page, and sign up for their FREE raffle ticket! Then, during halftime of the game on May 13th, hundreds of mini soccer balls with raffle numbers on them will be lifted high above the field in the bucket of a local fire truck. Then, the balls will be dropped hundreds of feet onto a target on the field below. The five balls closest to the target will win a Firemed membership and Lane United FC merchandise!

Here’s a story from one of last year’s winners.

“My wife was one of last season’s winners. We had never been FireMed members before winning this raffle. Little did we know at the time but I recently needed to go to the hospital and we WERE SO THANKFUL when we called Firemed and they just took care of my ambulance ride. That ride would have cost us $1800 out of pocket. Definitely the best raffle ticket we have EVER purchased! And you can bet that if we don’t win again this year, we will most assuredly be renewing! Thank you so much LaneUnitedFC & FireMed!!”

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a free Firemed membership and Lane United gear! Click here to claim your ticket today!

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